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We educate elite creative makeup artists. We explore and push the creativity of our students and strive for technical perfection through dedication and passion for makeup artistry.

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Located in India, Thailand and Myanmar, SMA International Makeup Academy is the leading international makeup school in Asia. We offer professional international makeup courses covering all aspects from basic techniques including bridal makeup to advanced disciplines like special effects makeup and avant-garde fantasy makeup.

If you wish to use the makeup school as springboard to a career in makeup artistry – or if you just want to explore and challenge your creative abilities, SMA International Makeup Academy is the right place to start.


SMA’s International Makeup Programs and Courses gives you a solid foundation for a professional career in the beauty industry within makeup artistry, fashion, salon, beauty, commercials, weddings, music videos, TV and retail.

All Instructors at SMA are international profiles with educational background from Europe and US ensuring a high international level of education quality and inspiration.

For experienced makeup artists SMA’s individual education courses can be an inspiration to discover new techniques and perspectives.



12 weeks | 420 hrs  |  3,24,500 INR

Including GST, Makeup Kit, Professional Brush Set, Makeup Accessories, Hair Styling Kit, Models & Portfolio

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7,5 weeks  | 266 hrs | 2,11,220 INR

Including GST, Makeup,Professional Brush Set, Makeup Accessories, Hair Styling Kit, Models & Portfolio

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5,5 weeks  | 196 hrs | 1,55,760 INR

Including GST, Makeup,Professional Brush Set, Makeup Accessories, Models & Portfolio

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5 weeks  | 175 hrs | 1,40,420 INR

Including GST, Makeup,Professional Brush Set, Makeup Accessories, Models & Portfolio

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4 weeks  | 140 hrs | 1,16,820 INR

Including GST, Makeup, Professional Brush Set, Makeup Accessories

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Our instructors are all international makeup artists with extensive experience and first class educational background from the best makeup academies in Europe and US.



The education and curriculum is in English. However, even with limited English skills it is possible to achieve good results with the right amount of dedication and work.


SMA’s makeup schools are located in ThailandIndia and Myanmar.


All students who completes their education at SMA receives an educational certificate with credits from SMA and professionally retouched pictures of their work for their professional portfolio.



"I love it here at the school. Just the thought of the course ending makes me sad. The school and the teachers are amazing and super professional, but we can still have fun and laugh. I've made friends for life among my fellow students. Everyone are so sweet and we are having a great time. I've learned so much at SMA. Feel blessed every day to wake up and go the the best school with the best teachers."

Christina Marie

Aarhus, Denmark

“Want to thank all my amazing teachers!!! It was an honor to be taught by the most amazingly talented makeup artists in the world!!!! Thank you for awakening a passion in me and thank you to all my fellow students at Scandinavian Makeup Academy. I will miss you all.”

Kira Petit-Pál

Caribbean Islands

“Finally I can call myself officially a "professional makeup artist". I'm so proud to be a student of SMA. If anyone is looking for makeup classes whether it be short specialised course or full professional classes I cannot recommend my school highly enough, an international world class school right here in Bangkok. All the teachers are so professional and I learnt so many amazing techniques from them. I met so many international friends during this class who have become friends for a lifetime. I enjoyed everyday at school and it went so fast that I didn't want it to finish. These 3 months are some of the best times of my life.”

Prapaporn Klakitkan

Bangkok, Thailand

"It has been a transforming experience, 3 months of variety of makeup courses including special effects and fantasy that no school in Thailand offers. It's been a great journey and we were blessed to have experienced and super talented teachers to guide us! Thank you for having us Scandinavian Makeup Academy!"

Ambika Madarasmi


"The school is great, the teachers are top notch pros and truly passionate about teaching and helping students to grow. They cover every angle of the beauty industry, and it’s 7 hours a day of intense study, hands on training and photo shoots. I had one of the best experiences of my life at Scandinavian Makeup Academy."

Jessica Tseng

Taipei, Taiwan

"I would like to say thank you so much for everything that brought me here.I was so pround of me that i chose this school.The best makeup school ever, where there are the best teachers and the most amazing makeup artist.It was my honour to be a part of SMA family."

Mepyn Pyn

Taipei, Taiwan

"I'm officially proud to say I'm a makeup artist! Thank you so much to the amazing teachers, i have gained so much knowledge about makeup, the history of it and learned many new techniques. This class became a family and every single one of you are unique, its sad that it has ended but now this is where are journey continues."

Omega Lestrange

Lanikai, Hawaii

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